How exclusive is the Seal of Satisfaction Award?

The Seal of Satisfaction is a federally registered certification mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Seal recipients are an elite group of companies who have committed to uphold the highest standards of business excellence represented by the Seal of Satisfaction. More...
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Eliminate the guesswork! Consumers call Seal of Satisfaction recipient companies with confidence, so look for the Seal of Satisfaction certification mark.

Local consumers, just like you, nominate a company or practice that has provided them with exceptional and memorable services.

An independent research firm conducts both the nomination process with local consumers and initial evaluation of Seal of Satisfaction nominated companies. After eliminating companies not meeting initial qualification criteria, the independent research company provides Services Select with a certified list of finalist companies for further evaluation.

Services Select personnel conduct interviews with the finalist company owners or executive officers. Based on a successful interview, companies are invited to receive the Seal of Satisfaction award and certification mark. Seal recipient companies commit to uphold the Seal of Satisfaction’s highest standards of business excellence and customer/client satisfaction.

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